Bronze CALA cuff and CALA cuff wax original on white countertop

Did you know that each one of our sculptural pieces starts off as a solid block of wax? After designing and creating a rough sketch of the CALA cuff, I was ready to carve the wax original. I sawed a slice out of the large, blue, oval bracelet wax you see here, and then cut away until it took on the rough form of the cuff. I used wax carving tools (they look like dental tools!) to refine the gentle curve of the cuff and hollow out the interior to make sure that the cuff is substantial but not too heavy when it's in its final metal form.

CALA cuffs in brushed bronze and silver

I buffed the surface and interior of the wax model with finer and finer sandpaper until it was smooth as silk. When it was finally ready, I brought it to our amazing caster, Jena Hounshell, to mold and cast in recycled bronze and recycled sterling silver. When we get the rough metal castings back from Jena, we meticulously smooth them inside and out, and polish them until they gleam. If your cuff has a matte finish, we apply another process to create the soft, light-diffusing glow that so many of you love.


Bronze and sterling silver highly polished CALA cuffs on a wrist

Do you own a CALA cuff? Now you know its origin story! Like all of our designs, this cuff was brought to life over hours and hours- meticulously crafted from sustainable materials so you can enjoy it for years to come.


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