woman looking in a mirror and putting on a pair of oxidized silver and gold hoop earrings

Our next MGG Studio Spotlight features Geana Sieburger, the visionary designer at the helm of GDS Cloth Goods. Geana and I first connected through one of our mutual favorite Oakland small businesses, Crown Nine, for whom she had designed a custom jeweler's apron. I bought that apron (and love it to this day) and Geana bought a pair of MGG Studio INTERSECT hoops (see them in the pic above!) and the rest is history. Geana has revolutionized the way I drink coffee with her Ebb Filters. Take it away, Geana!

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I live/work in Oakland and have for 15 years. Before that I lived on the East Coast. And before that, I lived in Brazil, where I’m from. I speak 3 languages that I learned before the age of 10. Life has taught me a lot and I’m proudly still learning. 

I'm the owner of GDS Cloth Goods where I make life goods sustainably and ethically–things like our reusable Ebb Filters for pourover coffee, and stylish zero-waste aprons from recycled cotton. It’s all up at @gdsclothgoods.

woman making pourover coffee wearing a blue apron in a blue and white kitchen


What's something you find inspiring? (e.g., a meaningful song, a favorite place, a piece of art, a special person in your life)

I’m always inspired by the ocean crashing against a rugged coastline. It puts life into perspective for me. I feel my fragility in a way that always results in some form of surrender. 

What inspires your personal style (current trends? comfort? someone you admire?)

Everything I wear connects back to nature in some way, at least in the way I think of it. It’s worth saying that I don’t think in terms of “personal style,” but I think this answers the question. My “style” connects to nature in the sense that it may not “look” like nature but the way the items were made paid respect to it somehow. My personal pieces are a mix of vintage, second-hand, and sustainable investment pieces (items that are manufactured in ways that are totally in line with my values, but that I had to save up for). 

I don’t think my style is intentional. I think it’s in huge part an outcome of my values. 

Woman looking in the bathroom mirror wearing a pair of black and gold geometric hoop earrings

Tell us a bit about why you wear jewelry and how it makes you feel.

I don't wear much jewelry. I do have a soft spot for hoops, though. I wear them to celebrate myself, life, and to dress up my uniform, that is, jeans and a button up shirt. I feel my best and most myself when I hit a balance of effortless style. Jewelry helps me achieve that without a wardrobe change. I'm pretty low-key. :)

What piece of jewelry do you wear most often and why?

The Large Intersect Hoops are my go to earrings. I like the mix of modern, sophisticated, smart, bold, subtle–it strikes a great balance that feels like me in a piece of jewelry.

Terracotta colored bathroom shelf with candle, airplant, mug and earrings

We love to shout out other small businesses- let us know some of your favorites!

There are so many people and businesses that I've been enjoying, who in some way support me through their products, and that I'd love to highlight. Megan from Summer Solace makes the candle in the picture above. I light her candle when I'm taking baths. Two companies I've been indulging in lately that are a little larger but also worth mentioning are Juniper Ridge and ARQ, the organic undies company. In food, I have to shout out the local farmers that have been working through terrible conditions to keep business moving forward and to keep us fed. We get a weekly CSA from Happy Boy at Temescal and Grand Lake farmers markets and Lucero Farms has had the best supplementary veggies like eggplant, peppers, tomatillos, squashes and The Best Strawberries earlier this year. I also love Cute Coffee, a coffee roasting company in Oakland owned by two awesome humans up to amazing things. There are so many others! I love my community, both the insanely hard-working people in food and the creatives hustling to keep an income through these challenging times. I truly admire all of them!


Thanks so much, Geana! The love you have for your community comes through loud and clear, and I can't wait to sample Cute Coffee asap. Be sure to check out Geana's beautiful aprons and her wide range of reusable Ebb Filters at

Are you an MGG Studio customer? Want to share more about your love of sculptural jewelry, minimalist design, sustainable style (or anything else)? We’d love to learn more about you! Visit our blog post here to learn more- if your interview is selected for our Spotlight series we’ll send you a $50 coupon to use on your next MGG Studio purchase!


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