Zoe Cope Glazier wearing sterling silver PIRO rings

I couldn't be more thrilled to share the next installment of the MGG Studio Spotlight. Zoe Cope Glazier is a creative visionary and half of the dynamic duo behind SITU Creative, an independent creative agency based in Portland, OR. Zoe has a multidisciplinary background, boasting skills in creative direction and jewelry fabrication, among others. We met when she was still living in the Bay Area, and I was lucky enough to have her skilled hands working alongside mine to bring MGG Studio pieces to life. Most recently, Zoe and her SITU cofounder, Aubrey Janelle, created a stunning lookbook vision for the MGG Studio VESSEL 02 collection (you'll see a sprinkling of these images below). I'm so glad to be able to share Zoe's many talents with you- take it away, Zoe!

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I moved to Portland from SF six and a half years ago and have had a bit of a winding career journey! I first was a jewelry designer with my own business and worked for other jewelers at the same time. Then I moved into doing event planning and floral design while also being a social media manager and branding manager for a store here. For the last two years, I've been working in the commercial advertising world as a Production Coordinator. That job ended due to Covid and I pivoted by starting my own creative agency called SITU creative with my best friend and (amazing) photographer Aubrey Janelle. I do Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, and Graphic Design for the company and we create content for brands that elevates their ethos and lets them connect to their ideal audience authentically. 

MGG Studio VESSEL 02 collection lookbook shot by SITU Creative

What's something you find inspiring? 

Going to botanical gardens is a way I enjoy feeling transported. During quarantine, it's been especially nice to visit the Portland Japanese Gardens and the Chinese Gardens. They're both about 15 minutes away from my home and you immediately feel like you're somewhere that should had taken a 15 hour flight.

What makes you feel beautiful? 

I feel beautiful when I feel strong in my body and that my nervous system reacts with grace as opposed to anxiety. Connecting with nature, family, and my sisterhood of creative, powerful, and inspiring entrepreneurs bring so much light and beauty to my life.

VASO earrings from VESSEL 02 lookbook shot by SITU Creative

What inspires your personal style?

All. Black. Everything. I've focused on a very minimal palette that is centered around black with touches of white, grey, and sage green. I love utilizing masculine elements within the designs of my garments and never back down from an oversized jacket or pant. I had the amazing opportunity a handful of years ago to experience the Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. Within it, I learned about how well curated and considered her entire process of presenting herself to the visual world was- through her public-persona, her clothes, and the way she posed for the camera. The majority of her showcased clothing pieces were black and white and the silhouettes of them were striking yet practical.

Tell us a bit about why you wear jewelry and how it makes you feel. 

I'm very minimalistic when it comes to jewelry- maybe that's because I spent so many years making it haha. So now when I do wear it, I make sure it's pieces that are timeless and make me feel transported. Good design and beautiful materials can do that. I want to wear jewelry that tells a story, even if that story is only whispered to me.

Zoe wearing MGG Studio ESTE stud earrings in sterling silver

Is there a specific experience or memory that jewelry connects you to?

Growing up I played with my mom's immense costume jewelry collection. A lot of it had come from her aunts and most of the pieces were from the 50's. I'd spend hours just sitting there touching all of the different stones, shapes, and designs.

What piece of jewelry do you wear most often and why? 

I have a really beautiful wedding stack that features two vintage rings from Oko Portland, and a snake ring from Amanda Hunt (who was one of the SF jewelry designers I learned from when I volunteered at a shared studio space). The vintage rings fit perfectly on my finger which seemed so serendipitous. My husband and I have been drawn to the motif of snakes as well as their symbolism for transformation and creative life force.

What's your favorite piece of MGG Studio jewelry and where did you get it? 

I wear two stacked silver PIRO rings that I ordered from the website. The domed shape called to me and I knew the look I wanted needed to have two of them together for that added element of luxury.

Zoe wearing two MGG Studio PIRO rings in sterling silver

We love to shout out other small businesses- let us know your favorite local business spot to shop for accessories! 


Thanks so much, Zoe! I'm so glad to be able to share the exquisite, innovative work that you and Aubrey do to elevate the brand presence of small creative businesses (like mine!). Be sure to check out their stunning portfolios at .

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