MOORE / MOURA: the inspiration behind the collection

Henry Moore's "Oval with Points", 1969

The inspiration for this collection began over 25 years ago and over 3000 miles away from my current Berkeley, California studio. In the early 1990s, back when I was studying comparative literature in undergrad on the East Coast, I walked past Henry Moore’s Oval with Points every day on my university campus. The shape of that sculpture was so pleasing to me- it was soft and curvaceous, angular and geometric, all brought together in an appealing tension. This sculpture has stayed with me, tucked away in some corner of my brain, all these years and came to the surface as I was playing around with forms for an upcoming collection. 

 While digging deeper into the shapes of Henry Moore’s broader work, I was also in the thick of planning a trip to Portugal for the summer. As I was exploring all of the places to visit, I was struck by how the sea caves in the Algarve region echoed the openings of Oval with Points, and inspired by that same tension of the geometric and the soft: in this case, the geometric forms of the cave against the soft fluidity of the sea beyond it.

MOURA polished bronze rectangular hoop earrings shown on model with natural hair on the beach.

 The current collection plays on the more angular contours found in some of Moore’s work and tempers them with the suppleness of the curves he brings to the silhouettes. There are liquid, droplet-like forms that reference this softness and also call to mind the sea that infiltrates the sea caves.

TIRSO polished bronze droplet necklace from MGG Studio shows on model in white blazer on the beach.

I hope you enjoy this collection and are as excited as I am about how these diverse influences have come together. If you'd like to see more pieces from the MOORE / MOURA collection, visit the collection page here.

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