Talking photography with Sunset Shutterbug

Jeweler in glasses and an apron standing at the entrance of her studio

Interview by Imelda Jimenez-Lamar of Sunset Shutterbug Photography

"When I became involved with the local SF Etsy community and going to craft shows, I’d often see Marja selling her jewelry. I’d consider one of the OG’s of the local Etsy community! She was always so kind to me anytime I’d swing by to say hi and ask if I could take her photo.

As her business evolved over the years, so has her product photography. Jewelry isn’t one of the easiest things to photograph (ask any online jewelry seller!), especially when dealing with shiny, reflective metals, but Marja has it down!

Keep reading to learn about how she photographs her work and how it has impacted her business brand."

(Portrait by Nicole Morrison photography)

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