THE MAKING OF: MOURA link bracelet


I’m drawn to the strong shapes, fluid forms, and clean lines of modernist art and architecture. Much of the inspiration for my jewelry starts with meditative strolls through sculpture gardens or leafing through my growing collection of art books. My inspiration for the MOURA link bracelet came from one such stroll, but it wasn't through a sculpture garden. Instead, I encountered Henry Moore's sculpture Oval With Points on my daily walks to class on my college campus back on the East Coast over 25 years ago.

Once I'm struck by a compelling shape or curve, the resulting ideas and images percolate in the background until I have that eureka moment, when it makes sense how that form that I’ve been obsessing over should transform into a piece of jewelry. Sometimes it's just a few days or weeks before I have this Aha! moment; in the case of the MOURA link bracelet, those forms percolated in the back of my mind for over two decades.

Ready to translate inspiration into jewelry, I carve the original design from blocks of wax. I work with Jena Hounshell, a local caster, to bring these shapes to life in recycled metals like sterling silver, bronze, and 14k gold.

My small team and I work out of our sunny studio in Berkeley, California. From sanding and forming to soldering and polishing, we craft each piece carefully and with intention. Each MOURA link is sanded, polished, formed into a curve, and connected with hand crafted 14k gold fill links that are carefully soldered in place. We take the extra time to polish the interiors of our rings and bracelets as much as the exteriors so that each piece feels as good as it looks.

woman in white jacket and bronze MOURA link bracelet standing with arm across her waist in front of sand dunes.

I also work with a close community of talented women photographers to bring our lookbooks to life so that I can share my vision for each collection with you.  I was delighted to be able to work with Hannah Thornhill on the lookbook for the MOORE / MOURA collection.

From that first spark of inspiration to the final design that you hold in your hand, each piece has been touched by artists on my team and in our community that are passionate about what they do. We hope you love your jewelry as much as we’ve loved bringing it to you.

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