PIRO ring


When I was a teen I had this amazing vintage wooden ring with a perfect curved profile. Being a teen I took exactly zero care of it and destroyed it beyond repair (somehow the layers of hot glue and tape didn’t do the trick to keep it intact).  I’ve been low key hunting for a replacement for that ring for years, and it finally occurred to me that I could just make it myself (in metal this time- low maintenance, just like I like it). The PIRO is that ring- hand carved in wax and cast in recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze. Choose the soft matte finish or a high polish. Handmade in the SF Bay Area and available in sizes 6-8. 

Consider building a sculpture stack with these other MGG Studio rings:
and of course, other PIRO! 
Play with mixing metals and finishes to create your own unique stack.

All of my jewelry is made by hand just for you, so please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to ship. If you need your order sooner, please send me an email at hello@mggstudio.com before placing your order and I'll do my best to accommodate!

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