GEMINI 14k gold and black diamond twin triangle studs


Edgy, sweet perfection in the form of twin black diamonds hand set into 14k recycled gold stud earrings.  These earrings started off as meticulously hand carved wax before being cast in yellow or rose gold and receiving their diamond stars.   They measure approximately 10mm at their widest point and are finished with 14k posts and backs.

There's no better gift for the Gemini in your life (and they're a perfect match with the 14K GEMINI reversible pendant).   Choose from recycled 14k yellow or 14K rose gold.  Also available as single studs so you can mix and match as you please.

Note: We are continuing to accept online orders (thank you!). Items in the "ready to ship" section will ship out within 5 business days. Due to the shelter in place order for Bay Area communities, there will be delays in crafting our made-to-order pieces. Our current estimate is that made-to-order jewelry will ship in approximately 4-6 weeks.

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