bronze teardrop earrings suspended inside a cala lily flower

We’re proud to design MGG Studio jewelry to stand the test of time. When choosing the materials for our jewelry, we use reclaimed and fair-mined metals whenever we can (read more about our commitment to sustainability here).  The sterling silver, 14k gold, and bronze in our jewelry is all at least partially recycled. Here is some additional information about the materials we use in our jewelry:

14K gold fill
We use gold fill in some of our chains, clasps, and ear wires. Gold fill is made when a layer of gold is fused to a core of base metal. The gold in gold fill is 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating, and it is at least 1/20 of the total metal weight.  The gold fill we use is nickel free. With proper care, 14k gold fill is both beautiful and long lasting.

Bronze and Brass
Bronze and brass have a rich golden color that we love, at a much more affordable price than solid gold (which we also love).  Both bronze and brass are alloys of copper, which lends the warmth to their color. Some people, depending on their personal PH balance, find that the interaction between that copper and the moisture in their skin leaves a harmless and temporary green mark on their skin.  If this happens to you and you’re finding it bothersome, there are a few ways to prevent it. First, choose a ring size that is not completely snug on the finger- this will let air flow between the ring and the finger and prevent moisture from getting trapped there. Second, take your ring off when washing your hands and dry your hands thoroughly before putting your ring back on.  Lastly, you can coat the inside of the ring with a clear nail polish- this will form a barrier between your skin and the ring.


We use both post-consumer and conflict-free diamonds in MGG Studio jewelry.  Post-consumer means that the diamond was extracted from an existing piece of jewelry and "recycled" into your brand new piece.  This means that there was no mining necessary to obtain these stones- better for the earth and even better for you! Conflict-free means that the diamond was sourced in accordance with the Kimberly Process  The Kimberly Process is designed to certify that the rough diamonds do not originate in areas where diamond trade is used to fund war or conflict.



General guidelines

We’re proud to design MGG Studio jewelry to stand the test of time.  Here are some tips on how you can keep your pieces looking their best.

Overall, it’s smart to take your jewelry off when you’re sleeping, showering or washing your hands. It’s also a good idea to remove it when you’re going to do strenuous activities (like lifting weights) or come into contact with salt water or chlorine (think ocean/ swimming pool/ hot tub) or household chemicals (like bleach).

Ecofriendly jewelry cleaning tips
It's easy to care for most of your MGG Studio jewelry with just a few products that you have in your pantry right now! Visit this blog post to learn about easy peasy ecofriendly tips for maintaining your MGG Studio pieces.

There are a few MGG Studio pieces you should NOT polish or clean

  1. oxidized (dark) silver - polishing will remove the dark patina.
  2. Pieces coated with a protective lacquer (like FAO, ELA, TALA, YAYOI, VASO earrings)- polishing or cleaning will negatively affect the protective lacquer.
  3. Pieces coated with colored resin (like FAO, ELA, TALA, YAYOI, VASO earrings)- polishing or cleaning may negatively affect the finish of the colored resin.

If you need to restore the finish on any of these pieces, please reach out to us here!

Refinishing and repairs
If you’re in need of a deeper clean, a refinishing of a matte or textured surface, or a repair on an MGG Studio piece, we’re happy to help! Just reach out via the contact form on the website and tell us about the kind of repair or refinishing you need.  We’ll get back to you and let you know if there’s a fee for that particular service.

Earring replacement
It’s happened to us all- we lose just one of our favorite earrings and figure that that pair is history. But don’t despair! We’re happy to help out with an earring replacement so that we can get that favorite pair back on your ears. The cost for the replacement is half of the cost of the full pair, plus any applicable tax and shipping. We do like it if you send the remaining earring back to us- that way, we can make sure that the replacement matches perfectly and we can also spiff it up before sending it back your way.  Reach out to us through the contact form so we can get the ball rolling on your replacement.