pile of raw castings in recycled bronze

At MGG Studio, we believe that good design and sustainability go hand in hand.

We make pieces that will stand the test of time, both because of their high quality and their enduring and classic design.

Each piece is meticulously made by hand right here in California. We minimize the use of toxic chemicals in our fabrication processes and we always prioritize reusing and recycling in our studio space.

When choosing the materials for our jewelry designs, we strive to use reclaimed and fair-mined metals whenever we can. We’re so happy that our local casting genius, Jena Hounshell, shares these values and has selected United Precious Metals to supply the casting grain from which our products are made.  Although we’re always looking to minimize waste, the process of making jewelry inevitably generates some amount of scrap metal. We regularly refine all of our precious metal scrap so that it too can be recycled into future jewelry.

We’re equally selective with the diamonds that we use in our jewelry.  All of the diamonds in our pieces are either post-consumer or conflict-free. Post-consumer means that the diamond was extracted from an existing piece of jewelry and then "recycled" into use in a new piece of jewelry. Conflict-free means that the diamond was sourced in accordance with the Kimberly Process, which certifies that the rough diamonds do not originate in areas where diamond trade is used to fund war or conflict.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with the jewelry itself. MGG Studio products are packaged and shipped using packing materials with at least 50% recycled content.

For us, sustainability means caring both for the planet and the people that inhabit it. For that reason, we support other small, independent and local businesses by partnering with a Bay Area- based caster and local stonesetters. We also donate a portion of every retail sale to organizations that advocate for and support communities in need, both locally and globally. Visit our page here for the list of the organizations we donate to.

We’re so grateful to you for purchasing MGG Studio jewelry. By supporting us, you’re supporting our mission make enduring jewelry without leaving a lasting footprint.