When I first considered making non-jewelry sculptural objects, a spoon was one of the first things on my list- I love the idea of art pieces you can use in your every day life. 

The SEL spoon is curvy and pleasingly weighty, and feels lovely to hold. I hand sculpted it from wax, and then had it cast in recycled bronze. I polished each spoon to a delicious shine, but left the interior of the spoon matte for contrast. I hope you love the SEL spoon as much as I've been loving mine (of course I had to make myself one to test drive before I released it!).

Limited edition of only 10 spoons only.

The SEL spoon measures about 3.5" inches and holds about 1/2 teaspoon but isn't intended for precise measuring. Works for spices too, but not meant for hot food or drinks (or for feeding kiddos).

Care: Hand wash. To clean any tarnish, try the lemon and salt method described here.

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